Always the odd one out, Isaura Ramirez will crack you up with her unexpected take on American culture. 

Ramirez is a fresh voice in the Hampton Roads Comedy scene.  As a Latina combat veteran, she draws from her unique experiences growing up in Puerto Rico, serving in the military, and being the token minority among her white friends. 

Ramirez is a retired Army Captain, and a graduate of the first Armed Services Arts Partnership (ASAP) Comedy Bootcamp for veterans. She has performed for the Comedy Club of Williamsburg and the College of William & Mary, and her worked has been featured on NPR's With Good Reason, Stars and Stripes and the Daily Press





Isaura Ramirez has sets for all demographics, moods, and venues!

Funny. Inspiring. Motivating. 

Book Isaura today to make your next fundraiser, theater show, or corporate event a memorable and hilarious one!